An Aged Shelf Company With An Ein: What To Avoid

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Please stay away from any aged shelf company with an aged Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you insist on buying a company with an aged EIN, then be prepared for drama, trouble, and everything in between. If the company has EIN, you should ask these questions from the seller:

  • Who applied for the EIN? Is that person willing to transfer the responsible party by filing IRS form 8822B? If that form is not completed, then the IRS won’t accept the business tax return when signed by the buyer. The IRS seeks to make sure that the company return is signed by the responsible party. The IRS seeks to protect the person who applied for the EIN and the business from identity theft. The IRS also seeks to know who is responsible for filing the tax return and paying the tax.

  • Does the company carry back taxes, unfiled tax returns, pending litigation, or bad debt? If it does, who will indemnify the buyer from these problems? Will the seller pay to resolve these issues? If not, who will? Does the seller have enough assets to cover these problems? Who is the seller? Will the seller identify himself or herself by name, SSN, and Date of Birth, and provide a photo ID? Can I reach the seller through a phone number that’s connected to the seller (not a virtual contact)?
  • Is the seller willing to sign a notarized sales agreement and indemnification agreement to cover any issues that may arise?

If you’re not willing to ask these questions. then you’re inviting complications into your life.

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Solution: Acquire An Aged Shelf Company Without An Ein, And Then Apply For The Ein.

We offer companies without an EIN. The EIN is a random number. Only the IRS will know when you applied for the EIN. It won’t be on public record.

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