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Business Credit and Virtual Phone Numbers

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Virtual Business Phone Numbers

business credit

When applying for business credit, particularly if you don't have any already, what you write on the application is crucial to getting accepted.

reputable business

You should double-check that all of that information reflects that you are a reputable business.

business address

To be eligible for business credit, you must have a physical or virtual business address, a physical or virtual business phone number, a business website, and a fax number.


Lenders and credit issuers will doubt your company's validity if you use a cell or home phone number as your business address.

Voice Over IPs

If you don't have a physical business address, setting up a business phone line for that address can be complicated, which is where Voice Over IPs come in handy.

Google and Ringcentral

To get accepted for business credit, you can get a Voice Over IP number from sites like Google and Ringcentral.

business credit and virtual phone numbers