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Table of Contents

How to Build Business Credit

benefits of business credit
guide to build initial business credit

3 Steps to Build Your Initial Business Credit Profile

Step 1: Improve Your Fundability

fundability improvements

Business Name

business branding scheme
importance of business physical facing

Business Phone Number

How to Obtain a 411 Listing

Business Address


substitute for business address



digital business presence

Business Website

Business Email

The Secretary of State’s Office

secretary of state

Business Bank Account

Your EIN and Business Entity

SIC and NAICS Codes

SIC Codes


Incorporating Your Business

modern company classification scheme

DUNS Number

Aged Shelf Companies

Step 2: Your Business Credit Reports

Business Credit Reports List:

business loan implications
how to prevent financial refusal

How to Prevent Financing Refusals



Dun & Bradstreet

Scoring Factors

Read and Understand Your Reports


What Influences Your PAYDEX Score?

PAYDEX Numbers

Improving Your PAYDEX Score

D&B Business Information Reports

improve your paydex score
improve d and b credit score

Monitoring Your D&B Credit Scores and Reports

Correcting Your D&B Credit Scores and Reports

betterment of d&b credit score
d&b market intelligence

Disputing Issues With Your D&B Credit Scores and Reports


Step 3: Get Approved for Vendor Credit

There are Five Ways Build Business Credit:

Credit Line Hybrid

guide to build business credit

D&B Credit Profile

Unsecured Business Financing

how to obtain vendor credit

Vendor Credit Accounts

How to Obtain Vendor Accounts

True Starter Vendors

Quill Office Supplies

Gempler’s/Office Depot

Reliable Office Supplies

strategic network solutions

Uline Shipping Supplies

Strategic Network Solutions

Summa Office Supplies

Wells Fargo


Things to Remember

to build initial credit

Credit Tiers

Vendor Credit Tier

vendor credit tier

Retail Credit Tier

Fleet Credit Tier

Cash Credit Tier

Responsible Credit Management

Why Was My Loan Application Denied?

Most People Fail at Trying to Get Money to Grow Their Business

The Chances of Getting a Bank Loan are Not Great

why loan applications get rejected

There Are All Sorts of Reasons for a Business Loan Denial

How Did Small Businesses Make Up Their Funding Shortfalls

Not getting Funding Can Mean a Business Will Fail

Lenders Use Data to Decide on your Application

lexis nexis report

Information Lenders Use: LexisNexis

Information Lenders Use: Small Business Financial Exchange

Membership in the SBFE

sbfe lenders and credit providers

SBFE Members (Lenders and Credit Providers)

Information Lenders Use: Small Business Financial Exchange

Membership in the SBFE

membership in sbfe
certified vendors

SBFE Members (Lenders and Credit Providers)

Certified Vendors

SBA Members and Data Products

Why Should Merchant Acquirers Become Members?

data products and sbfe vendors
maintain report accuracy

What Kind of Data do They Have on a Business?

How the Small Business Finance Exchange Can Help Your Business

Which Actions Can a Business Take?

Why Does the Information from the SBFE and LexisNexis Matter to Lenders?

Records Congruency

The Cost of Not Having Business Credit

Without Business Credit, how is Your Company Funded?

funding country without business credit

Traditional Bank Loans

Personal Credit

fund company launch


Venture Capital

Angel Investing


angel investor
obtaining sba loans

SBA Loans

Government Grants

Without Business Credit, How Does Any Business Know If Your Company Is Reliable?

how to know about company reliability
business challenges without business credit

Business Credit Can Fix These Problems


Business Revenue Financing

Revenue Lending Features

revenue lending features

Benefits of Revenue Lending


importance of credit history


Business Revenue Lending


revenue lending

Revenue Lending “Lender Sweet Spot”

Revenue Lending Lender Preferred Deals

know more about renewal loans

Underwriting Process

Renewal Loans

Other Details

transfer account
risk industries for revenue lending

High Risk Industries for Revenue Lending

Underwriting Documents

Another Great Revenue Option: Purchases of Future Receivables


Credit Qualifications

financing in little steps

Underwriting Process

Premier Program

Standard Program

Underwriting Requirements


Business Funding and Grants for Minority Entrepreneurs

business owners challenges
business owners challenges

Challenges Minority Business Owners Face

Lower Net Worth

Lack of Collateral

Poor Location

Little to No Credit History

Small Business Grants for Women

challenges for minority business owners
first nation development institute

Small Business Funding for Native American Entrepreneurs

Rural Business Development Grants

Small Business Funding for African American Entrepreneurs

small funding for latino entrepreneurs

Small Business Funding for Latino Entrepreneurs

Small Business Funding for Disabled Entrepreneurs

funding for disable entrepreneurs
qualification for loan

Small Business Funding for Members of all Minorities

Government Minority Grants

sba community loans
assisting small businesses

NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR):