Credit Card Stacking

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  • Credit cards are typically much easier to obtain compared to loans and credit lines, which require a manual approval process done by people.
  • Automated approval systems for credit cards means that the application process for credit cards is much faster than for loans and credit lines.
  • Often, these applications result in instant approvals.
  • Unlike some loans and credit lines, credit cards do not require collateral, making them accessible to more individuals and businesses, especially new businesses.
  • Applications for credit cards generally do not require banks statements or tax return documentation.
  • This is particularly advantageous for new businesses that might not have extensive and well-established financial records.
  • Credit limits on credit cards can be increased relatively easily over time.
  • Regular use and timely payments of credit card balances can lead to higher credit limits (this is generally true).
  • New businesses can benefit from credit card stacking since no tax returns or bank statements are needed to obtain business credit cards.

  • This can provide much needed initial funding without having to go through the lengthy application process associated with traditional loans and credit lines.
  • Once approved, business credit cards can be used within days or weeks, providing immediate access to capital.
  • In contrast, obtaining approval for credit lines and loans can be very time consuming and take up to several months, especially if financial statements are inconsistent and show negative cash flow.
  • Many credit cards offer introductory periods with zero percent interest rates, providing an interest-free option for a limited time.
  • Such benefits are typically not available with loans and credit lines.
  • Obtaining business credit cards that report to business credit reporting agencies such as Experian and Equifax are crucial.
  • Positive credit card activity can help build and improve business credit scores.
  • Stacking multiple Credit Cards results in a higher overall credit limit compared to relying on a single credit card.
  • This approach provides more available funds for business expenses and investments.
  • To maximize the chances of approval, apply for multiple credit cards within a short time frame.
  • This can prevent credit inquiries from affecting subsequent applications.
  • Choose business credit cards that offer benefits aligned with your business’s needs, such as zero percent interest introductory periods or rewards programs.
  • Ensure that the business credit cards you are getting are reporting to business credit agencies so that you can build your business credit profile.
  • Use the business credit cards responsibly by keeping balances low and making timely payments.
  • Regularly monitor credit reports to ensure that all activity is correctly reported.
  • Require credit limit increases periodically, especially after demonstrating responsible usage and timely payments.
  • Contact credit card issuers to discuss limit increases.