Enhance Your Business Plan With A Shelf Corporation Or Llc From Wyoming Or New Mexico.

14-year-old Shelf Company For $2695 Five-year-old Aged Company For $1500five-year-old Aged Company For $1500

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What Are The Advantages Of An Aged Shelf Company?

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Overcome Sales Objections Based On The Age Of The Company

Most of your customers seek to make the right decision and fear making a bad decision. Buyer’s remorse and fear of the unknown may prevent your customer from buying your product or service, unless you place them at ease with basic facts. The age of the company is a basic fact on the perceived stability and longevity of your business. The age of a business is a marketing decision that’s boosted with an aged shelf company.

Project Stability

Businesses and people prefer to do business with an older company than a new company. There’s no exception to this principle. Who would you prefer to remodel your kitchen? Do you prefer a consultant or manufacturer that has been around for five years or five weeks? This is self-evident. An aged shelf corporation or LLC boosts the credibility and the perceived stability of your business.


With all other factors being equal, the “time in business” is a critical factor in determining whether a business is funded or denied. Who do you prefer to lend money to?

Age marks stability and safety for your clients.

Shelf Corporations

What’s possible with a shelf company?

  • Project stability
  • Create an image of permanency in the marketplace. Customers will feel safe in buying from you.
  • Access up to $100,000 in corporate credit.
  • Open bidding opportunities with municipalities, utility companies and more, with aged companies.
  • Give your business a fighting chance by placing it on an even playing field with other companies that were in the marketplace for years.
  • Don’t be caught in a disadvantage by operating a new company amongst established competitors.
  • Develop a reputation for solid footing.
  • Overcome sales objections.