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The United States remains the engine of ideas and innovation. China can produce things cheaper and copy the ideas of business inside the USA, because they imitate the United States. From within the United States, the states of Montana, Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada are known for commerce, respect for property rights, and respect for privacy. This is important to know in terms of what state to choose in which to incorporate.

It doesn’t matter if you’re living and doing business in California, New York, Illinois or any other US state. What’s important is that your company is filed in a state that respects your rights to life, liberty and property. The best states for that are Wyoming and Montana. Simply acquire a company from a state that values your business and your rights, and then file it in the state in which you live, play and work. This is critical in states such as California. Companies from California are exceptionally weak and the owners are often held personally liable for the debts of a CA company. Rather, a company from Wyoming or Montana is strong, and CA has nothing to say about a company from Montana. Since the company wasn’t initially filed in CA, there’s nothing they can do to set it aside and go after you personally. You’re protected!

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Certain states are more scrutinized than others as a result of business people acquiring an aged shelf company from the states of Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming, and failing to pay back the loan. What was the result? Loan applications from Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming companies are now increasingly scrutinized and receive less funding.

The remaining state to acquire the aged shelf company is Montana. You probably don’t know anyone who incorporates in Montana. This is a good thing. Since Montana hasn’t become a popular state for shelf companies, that is exactly what you should acquire; an aged shelf company filed in Montana to build corporate credit. The loan officer won’t discriminate against companies filed in Montana. The State of Montana isn’t known or recognized as a state that produces a large amount of shelf companies.