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If you’re building business credit, the Florida shelf company won’t work well for your clients.

Reason: The State of FL ( requires that the principals be listed when filing the company. Then the shift of principals is noticed when the company is sold to you, or transferred to your client.

Solution: For best lending results, you need a shelf company that was filed in a state where the principals didn’t need to be declared upon filing. In this way, your client will be seen as the original owner of the company. This reduces your possible choices of shelf companies to include the New Mexico LLC and Colorado corporation/LLC. Those two states don’t include the declaration of the owner when filing the company. So, your client will be viewed as the original owner when he files the company in FL. It will then require an out-of-state filing into FL. In short, obtain an out-of-state company from NM or CO, and then file it into FL.

There are other factors. FL requires a county and local business license. There’s no income tax in FL but there’s an excise tax report based on assets of the company. All of these factors point away from the use of a FL-born shelf company as a functional option when building business credit with an aged shelf company. An out-of-state company works best in FL. And lastly, many businesses and people are moving into FL. So, it’s a natural option to use an out-of-state shelf company to do business in FL.

Foreign LLC in FL:
Foreign Corporation in FL:

When acquiring an aged shelf company, our goal is for the world to see you as the original owner of the company.  Why?  Because this works to your advantage.  When you’re seen as the original owner, this means the age of the company is respected.  There’s no need to tell the world you bought an aged shelf company.  If anyone asks, be honest and say you bought an existing company to expand.

If you use an aged Florida-born company, the shift of ownership is detected, which could work against you.  Again, our goal is to honor you as the first and original owner of the company.  Most states record the business owners, which lead to issues when transferring an aged shelf company to the end-user.

Acquire an aged shelf company in another state and then file it with the Secretary of State of Florida, and then file the business licenses.

There are a small group of states that are best for aging a shelf company and then honoring you as the original owner of the company.  Those states are New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, and there are a few exceptions.  Why?  These states don’t record the owners of the company.  This means you will be considered the first and original owner after you take it over.

Let’s Review:

  • Start with a shelf company outside the state of Florida and then file it into Florida.

  • The best way to use an aged out-of-state company in Florida is to acquire it from a state where the ownership isn’t disclosed, such as from New Mexico, Colorado or Montana. This way, you’ll be viewed as the first and original owner, giving you a competitive advantage over established competitors.

  • We will update the public record with your name and the new business address when transferring the company. After you file the company into Florida, file the county and local business licenses when required.

How to foreign file the company into Florida?

Business in Florida-shelfcompanyinfo
Business in Florida-shelfcompanyinfo

How to best use an out-of-state aged shelf company to do business in Florida.

  • Gain a competitive advantage and compete with established competitors.

  • Be viewed as the first and original owner of the company.

  • Start strong, look surefooted, by confident, and succeed.

  • Customers seek to buy from a business that’s been around for years, not weeks.

  • Landlords and lenders seek reassurance they they’ll be paid.

Business in Florida-shelfcompanyinfo

Let’s Review:

  • Acquire the out-of-state company from New Mexico, Montana, or Colorado.

  • We update the company information with the Secretary of State.

  • File the company into Florida as a foreign entity. Some states call this as a foreign qualification or authorization to do business.  This information should match the business licenses, the information on the lending application and all other sources.  Lenders like to see consistency of information.

  • The information reported to the State of Florida and the State of New Mexico should match to project a consistent business credit profile.

  • File the business licenses in Florida within your county and municipality.

 What If You Don’t Follow Our Suggested Path? What Then?

If you started with an aged Florida company, then the shift of owners would be detected.  This means you’re not considered the first and original owner.  This may work against you.

The above is why acquiring an aged out-of-state company from New Mexico is much better when filed into Florida, than acquiring an aged Florida company.