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How to Build Business Credit after 2020

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How to Succeed with Getting Financed

set up your business

To succeed with getting the most business credit at the best terms, set up your business where it is fundable by meeting business lender approval criteria before applying for loans.


Get business credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN to become more lendable and easily access other capital you need.

succeed with getting financed

Improve Your Fundability

Build Credit for Your EIN

How to Build Initial Business Credit

company CRAs

Credit must submit to company CRAs and credit issuers must accept with no new credit in order to obtain original business credit.


Both personal and non-personal guarantees are available.

Use Credit Line Hybrid to Build EIN Credit

Use Vendors to Build EIN Credit

Steps to Build Credit for Your EIN

build credit for ein

How to get Money to Grow Your Business