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Improve access to business credit for your small business

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Improve Access to Business Credit for Your Small Business

When building an initial business credit profile, it’s important to adhere to credit issuer standards. You don’t have any business credit and your personal credit isn’t being used for clearance. This means that the material on the application will be the only one taken into account, so it must be very good to be accepted. Have you ever applied for a business credit card and been approved right away by an automatic system? Lenders and credit issuers have an unpublished list of conditions in their information system that you must meet in order to be approved for business loans. If you get electronic approvals or are rejected depends on how fundable your company is. Some fundability factors include: The type of business entity you have, the type of business phone number you use, business phone number, if your business phone number is listed in certain directories, the type of address your business has, the type of business licensing your business has, the congruence of your business records, the types of business lending references you have, whether your business bank account is set up, the way your business website and email are set up, and your EIN, DUNS, and BIN number. Even if you are fundable, the bulk of business loan applications are rejected due to fraud problems, not that you do not satisfy the standards. Business lenders battle fraud by cross-referencing the organization and application records with details from LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, The Small Business Financial Exchange, Equifax, and ChexSystems, among others.

improve access to business credit for small businesses

Business Name

One of the most significant reasons for denial is that the application does not reflect the legal name on file in state records. It is important to use the exact brand name for all applications. Any DBA filings you use should have your full corporate name. Ensure that all business papers, credentials, and bank statements have the same name. If you’re in a high-risk industry, your company name might be a problem. Danger is commonly described as having a higher risk of being hurt on the job or having a business that does more cash transactions than the majority of other firms. Using the name of a risky company on your resume to make it more fundable.

Business Phone Number

The best kind of business phone number available is a true physical phone number. It is the most secure form of business phone number if you have a store location and can get a business phone line installed. Toll-free or 800 numbers are seen as a sign of a company’s integrity by lenders. Never use your own cell phone number or home phone number as your business’s phone number on every website.

Voice Over IP

Voice over IP, which can be accessed from Freedom Voice or Ringcentral, is a close second and is conveniently open to all of us. As soon as you have a business phone number, request a fax number. Lenders agree that an organization with a fax number is more trustworthy. As a company, you would need a fax number to gather important documents and to fax in any credit applications. E-faxes can be sent directly to your email address. Freedom Voice and Ringcentral, for example, would provide you with a low-cost fax number that is close to your company’s phone number. Until you’ve established your business phone number, get a toll-free number. A toll-free number gives value to the business in the eyes of lenders and credit issuers.

411 Listing

Many lenders and credit card providers would not notify you that the company’s phone number must be listed in the 411 registry. Since firms who are only getting started aren’t listed in 411, this sends a signal to lenders that the business is already well established. In order to request a 411 entry, your phone number must be publicly available on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Go to for a fast and simple way to get a 411 listing.

Business Address

Most lenders and credit card providers would deny you if you run a company out of your home and use your home address on business loan and credit card applications. Lenders use a specific algorithm to determine what kind of address you have on your applications. They will flag your business address as residential using Google Street View, and you will be denied business credit. You would be denied if you use a PO box or a UPS address on your loan application. Since most prosperous businesses operate from a physical office, the safest address to use in order to be approved is a physical business address. A computer address is an alternative to a traditional business address.
improve access to business credit

Virtual Business Address

If the corporation does not have a physical address, a computer address is a good option. A broad and reputable office building with a virtual address would rent you a mailing address and a conference room. If you choose a virtual address, you won’t have to pay a high rent or lease. Digital addresses are given by companies such as Regis, Alliance, and Da Vinci. Even though your business isn’t physically situated there, renting a space in a reputable building would make your company look very professional to a lender. Check that your address matches up with your online and offline business records, particularly with the secretary of state.

Regus mobile offices include meeting rooms, drop-in executive lounges, a discount program, and mail routing and handling. There are furnished offices with high-speed broadband available. There may be glass offices or coworking spaces. Call the number listed on their website for exact pricing on office suites. Coworking spaces are the most cost-effective choice. Regus has offices all around the world. Several European countries are home to their most well-known non-American destinations.

Alliance provides live receptionists, meeting rooms, an office address, optional mail routing, a local or toll-free business phone number, limitless local and long distance calls, voicemail by email, custom greetings, and an online control panel. Alliance is a multinational association. Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are among their most famous non-US sites. The prices vary from $125 to $50.
Davinci is a virtual office service provider that provides live receptionists, video messaging, meeting rooms, and event facilities. Davinci is well-known in the world. Mexico, European countries, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Brazil are some of their most popular non-US destinations. The cost varies.

Business Website

A professional-looking website as well as an email address are needed. The domain name of your company’s website must be either or You should never use Wix or Weebly; instead, you should use a company like GoDaddy for hosting. You can buy a domain and set up a website in just a day. If you are inexperienced with this, bigger hosting companies would be able to assist you. Make sure the company is included on search engines such as,, and It is therefore important for the business to be included on 411 listings. You will also allow Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a common cryptography technology used to provide an encrypted link between a server and a device. When applying for a loan, you can consider how long you’ve had the company’s website domain and ensure it matches your WhoIS domain listing. The company’s website’s search engine ranking and registry lists are also helpful pieces of information for loan applicants. Updating the architecture, backlinks, and practices of your website gives credit issuers a clearer picture of your company’s reputation. Your business website would accept a number of credit card companies in order to be considered trustworthy. The public report with the Secretary of State, as well as company licenses and other public information, shall adhere to the principles outlined on the website. It is impossible to overestimate the value of continuity. Your company’s website must also display the McAfee, Verisign, and TrustE seals. In the twenty-first century, it is important for the organization to have a strong social media presence. The number of ratings, ratings, check-ins, news stories, web participation, likes, and followers your company earns on social media is used to determine its credibility.

Business Email

If you don't have an email address or a website, your business can seem untrustworthy. Your email address must use the same domain as your website. Generic professional names, such as and, work well. Avoid using search engines like Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL when creating your company account. Don't bother looking for another email address; every email can be forwarded to any other email address.
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Business Bank Account

Many business credit providers need a business bank account. A business bank account will protect funds from being unintentionally mixed up. And if the bank has a physical location, several banks encourage you to apply for business bank accounts online. When you buy a business, the ownership automatically changes to your credit report, raising a red flag when lenders begin looking at your bank account start date rather than the entity’s start date, raising a red flag. Since a longer business background is preferred, you can open a business bank account as soon as possible so that it can be used as a reference.You should have a $10,000 balance in your business bank account if you want to apply for an SBA loan. If you do have a personal bank account and have managed it well, you will get a business account easily. To measure the bank credit, the banking system employs an internal secret credit score based on the average account balance over the previous 90 days. On average, you’ll need $10,000 in your business bank account to achieve a decent enough credit score to apply for a bank loan. Only big banks, such as Wells Fargo and Chase, take your bank credit score into account when determining whether or not to lend to you. A low five rating is needed to obtain a large bank loan.

DUNS Number

To establish business credit, a DUNS number from Dun and Bradstreet is required. When a DUNS number has three or more registered payment contacts, a business credit report is produced. As a result, you’ll have built up market credit. Dun and Backstreet’s free product would provide you with a DUNS number within 30 days. If you need a DUNS number quickly, you would spend $229 to receive a professional DUNS number in five business days or less. For $229, DUNSFile and CreditSignal provide credit reporting, but only for the D&B business credit ratings. You’ll also get reminders if your credit score increases, as well as a detailed D&B business credit log.

Your EIN and Business Entity

Whether or not you have employees, the business must have a Federal Tax ID number (EIN). Your organization has an EIN number, which is identical to your Social Security number. This is one of the two things that vendors will be happy with. Take the time to double-check that all agencies, banks, and trade credit vendors are using the same Tax ID number to identify your company. Go to the IRS website to get a free EIN number for your company. You must also choose an organizational form, such as a corporation, limited liability partnership, or coalition. You may start as a sole proprietor, but you'll almost definitely want to incorporate. This is done in order to limit liabilities while increasing tax benefits. A DBA is not a distinct legal body.
ein number for your company

SIC and NAICS Codes

Lenders consider certain companies highly unsafe. If your business falls under one of these groups, you can face automatic rejection. At a minimum, you can face more rigorous underwriting, higher premiums, and less favorable conditions. Lenders decide the industry the business is in based on a number of factors. They begin by reviewing the company code, which may be a SIC or NAICS code. You must formulate a plan to stop automatic denials based on the business code or brand name while staying honest. Integrity is necessary, and a lack of it can lead to denials and even criminal charges.

SIC Codes

The Traditional Industrial Classification is used in a business classification system (SIC). It’s a four-digit number assigned to businesses by the US government. SIC codes make it easy to categorize a company’s primary activity. Shareholders use this code to assess what industry a company is in. The SIC code scheme was created by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The first four digits represent the general business of a corporation. For eg, Engineering Resources is coded as 8711. The numbers are added to the end of the four-digit chain to increase accuracy. Engineers-Agriculture, for example, is 871103, while Contractors-Engineering General is 871105. Under the 8711 Engineering resources code, there are over 30 different protocols.


The North American Industry Classification System is a more recent business classification scheme (NAICS). It is used to classify corporate entities as well as to gather, analyze, and publish statistical data on the US economy. Since SIC codes are more descriptive, each NAICS code can have several SIC codes. As previously said, the Engineering Services code 8711 includes more than 30 SIC codes. The NAICS code for Engineering Resources is 541330. While the goal is to transition entirely to the NAICS system, many companies are already heavily reliant on the old SIC system.

The Secretary of State’s Office

Check that all major authorities (the department, the IRS, the bank, and the 411 national directory) have your business listed in the same way and with your exact legal name. Check that every bill you collect (electricity, telephone, landlord, etc.) bears the correct business name and is delivered to the correct business address. The Secretary of State’s office will provide you with any licenses you’ll need to run your company. They have important information, such as whether you need to pursue your schooling to keep your license current. Processing times differ, and in some states, it might not be completed on time. If licensing takes more than 30 days, you can start the process right away.

Incorporating Your Business

To create business credit, any agency form can be used. If you intend to distinguish corporate and personal credit, the firm must be a separate legal body, not a sole proprietorship or corporation. You may be “doing business,” but you are not a business because you have a separate corporate entity (Corporation or LLC). Such businesses, on the other hand, do not intentionally negate your personal duty. The time it takes to incorporate your business varies. It is defined by the state in which you are implemented as well as the techniques you use. In general, the online option will be faster. You will have to wait a few days even though you file your incorporation application online. In most cases, Articles of Incorporation are required. If you want them quickly and correctly drafted, you will need to find a company solicitor.

Aged Shelf Companies

When you start a company with the assistance of an established shelf firm, you can make money by selling your products and services with confidence, credibility, and security. Your company would have immediate access to buyers who may not have ordered from you otherwise. Since the company is above a certain age, you will have immediate access to vendors. You’ll save time and you won’t have to wait for your business or LLC to grow. Reduce the amount of time you put in to meet market objectives and the amount of tension you feel for your organization. Your customers, vendors, suppliers, advertisers, and promoters would be astounded.Working with an older company will help you maximize your financing opportunities and secure better loan terms for your company. You’ll increase and expand the company’s cash flow while still gaining immediate prestige. Gain entry to a wider spectrum of bidding opportunities and strengthen your positioning to capitalize on them. In order to meet obligations, the company must quickly satisfy unforeseen demands. Closing revenue and coping with objections would be a lot better for the group. Avoid headaches when arranging rentals and rental agreements for rooms or facilities. Reduce the possibility of company loss by improving the ability to close sales, raise earnings, and bargain on contracts.


LexisNexis gives information to all of the lenders who deny loan applications. They have information on the likelihood of paying or not paying. Lenders equate LexisNexis specifics of what you put on your loan application. If the application and LexisNexis do not match, the loan provider will deny you a loan. LexisNexis makes use of a proprietary linking mechanism. This connects all of your personal information, both good and evil. LexisNexis Reports include: Every home you’ve ever owned including value and sale prices; Building materials for your home; HOA info such as beds, baths, and roofing; AC Units; Deeds and mortgages; Title companies; Interest rates; Loan amounts, terms, and loan types; Every phone number and email you’ve ever ha; All licenses, firearms, mortgages, and violations; Traffic tickets, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offender records; Name variations; Marriage and divorce records; Every vehicle owned including VIN; Every insurance policy you’ve ever had; Every business you’ve been associated with; Family information including children; Loans and leases; Aircraft and boat owner records; Public records including bankruptcies, judgements, lawsuits; Education information including degrees, schools, dates attended and graduated; Military records; Online marketing records, and short-term credit offer request records.

Small Business Financial Exchange

The SBFE is a non-profit association that gathers information on small businesses from its members. The group’s owners and promoters are the founders. The information is then used to produce a thorough credit report. This knowledge is used by lenders to make credit assessments. It’s a massive, top-secret data warehouse that operates on the principle of “give-and-get.” Members may view details about their creditors, including their payment history. They will also be able to collect trade details. When you have complete knowledge about yourself and your small company, it is in a lender’s best interest to collect it. Lenders at the SBFE are meticulous. The SBFE provides you with much more material than just your payment history. The SBFE provides data to credit reporting companies and LexisNexis. Any details you’ve already provided with a business application is saved, and if there are any inconsistencies, your loan application will be denied. Accredited Vendors are credit reporting firms who have worked with the SBFE. So far, the SBFE’s only Certified Vendors are Equifax, Experian, Dun and Bradstreet, and LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Lenders may use other payment providers, but when they enter the SBFE and use a Licensed Provider, they get the value of the vendor’s data as well as data from the SBFE.
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