Intitial Business Set Up To Build Business Credit With An Aged Shelf Company

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Arrange the business address, the business phone, the business email, and the website so they all point to each other, and that the public record matches the same information.  The loan application should reflect all the information on the public record, and the business address/phone/email/website attributes.

Business Address

Lenders may reject credit applications that use a home address as it is flagged as residential on Google Street View. To avoid rejection, it is recommended to use a business zoned physical business address. If a physical address is not available, a virtual address can be rented from reputable companies. It is important to ensure that the address used is consistent with both online and offline business records, including the secretary of state.

The business address must be tied to the business phone number, the business website, the credit cards, and everything else. Keep the information tight and consistent across all public and private points and that it matches with the loan application. You want the business address information to show consistently no matter where they look.

business credit with an aged shelf company-shelfcompanyinfo
business credit with an aged shelf company-shelfcompanyinfo

Business Website

A professional business website is essential for your company to thrive now. Your company’s website domain must be either or You should never use Wix or Weebly; you’ll need hosting from a company like GoDaddy. Ensure that your company is included on popular search engines like Yelp, Citysearch, Zagat, and the 411 directories. You can also have a Stable Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled, which is a common encryption technology for providing an encrypted connection between a server and a client. Updating your website’s architecture, backlinks, and practices gives credit issuers a clearer impression of your company’s reputation. To be deemed trustworthy, your company website must recognize a variety of credit card firms. The public record with the Secretary of State, business permits, and other public records must follow the principles listed on the website. The McAfee, Verisign, and TrustE seals must also be present on your company’s website. A company needs to have a good social media presence in the twenty-first century. Your company’s reputation is measured by the number of endorsements, scores, check-ins, news reports, web engagement, shares, and followers it gets on social media.

Again, tie the business website to the business address, the business credit card, the business email, and the business phone number.

Business Email

Having a professional business email address and website can greatly improve the perception of your company’s trustworthiness. It is recommended to use the same domain for both the email and website, such as or Additionally, it is best to avoid using popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL for your business email.

business credit with an aged shelf company-shelfcompanyinfo
business credit with an aged shelf company-shelfcompanyinfo

Business Phone Number

Having a business phone number from a business phone line is considered the most reliable and trustworthy by lenders. It’s recommended to avoid using a personal phone number or mobile phone number as a business number. Another alternative is to get a Voice over IP number from companies like Freedom Voice or Ringcentral. It’s also important to have a fax number as it’s considered a reliable indication of a business and it’s necessary for collecting important documents and applying for credit. Companies like Freedom Voice or Ringcentral can provide a fax number that’s like your business phone number. If you’re just starting out, it’s recommended to get a toll-free number until you establish your business phone number.
The business phone number should be tied to the business credit card and tied to the business address. When you initially set things up, you may need to use personal resources, and then update the payment method and billing address, and the business email.

411 Listing

It is important for new business owners to be aware that having their company’s phone number listed in the 411 directories can benefit them when trying to secure funding or credit. Many lenders and credit issuers view a listing in the 411 directories as an indication that a company is established and well-developed. To ensure that your business is listed in the 411 directories, your phone number should be easily accessible through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. One way to get a 411 listing quickly and easily is to use the website

Before using, be certain that the business address, the business phone, the business email, and the website is set up and that they point to each other. In other words, the credit card pays for the website, the virtual office, and the business phone must share the same billing address and billing phone. The phone number should match the same address. The business address should be connected to the business phone. Make sure that everything is linked to the same information as a tight little ball.

business credit with an aged shelf company-shelfcompanyinfo
business credit with an aged shelf company-shelfcompanyinfo

Confirm Information Posted Publicly

Ensure that all relevant public authorities such as the state government, IRS, bank, and national directories have your company’s name listed correctly and consistently. Additionally, verify that any bills or invoices you receive for utilities, internet, or rent include the correct business name and address. Obtain any necessary licenses or permits for operating your business from the Secretary of State’s office and stay informed about any necessary renewals or continuing education requirements to maintain the licenses. Keep in mind that processing times may vary and may not always be completed on schedule in certain states.