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How to Easily Set Up a Business Phone Number

Following all steps will pave your way to maximize business credit.

Phone Number Credibility

toll-free number

Lenders consider toll-free or 800 numbers to be a representation of a company's integrity.

phone number

Never use your own mobile phone number or your home phone number as your company's phone number on an application.

Voice Over IP

A second alternative that is readily available to anyone is a Voice Over IP number, which can be accessed from Freedom Voice or Ringcentral.

phone credibility
fax credibility

Fax Number Credibility

Lenders deem an organization with a fax number to be more reliable.

You will need a fax number as a company to collect vital papers.

Any of your loan applications will need to be faxed in, so you will need a fax number as well.

You may also set up an e-fax to send to your email address.

Freedom Voice and Ringcentral, for example, will provide you with a fax number that is similar to your business's phone number at a low rate.

411 Credibility

designated business phone number

You must have a designated business phone number that is listed under the business name with 411 directory assistance.

Company Classified on 411.

Lenders, suppliers, insurers, and even insurance companies can search to see if the company is classified on 411.