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Compare clean slate companies with a shelf company with established credit

Most shelf companies are over-priced. It’s common to see a four-year-old shelf company for a ridiculous price of $4000. The sellers of these shelf companies may state the following excuses:

"The company has an EIN."

Reality: A company with an existing EIN may pose problems; such as, back taxes, improperly filed income tax returns, or audit issues.

"The company has corporate credit."

Reality: A shelf company with corporate credit will lose the credit profile after the company changes hands. That "reset" takes place within ninety days of buying the company. Don't buy an over-priced shelf company with developed corporate credit. You won't be able to use it.

"The company has a list of vendors that will vouch for the company."

There are sellers of shelf companies that produce a fake list of vendors. They vouch for your company to present it as having an awesome credit rating. This service is a fraud.

Re-furbished company scam.

A popular scam is to take a company that's dissolved and bring it back into good standing; without notifying the previous owner of the company. This is illegal. The company may owe taxes, embroiled in litigation or possess other serious and unseen problems.


Acquire a shelf company that was never used.

The shelf company should be at least three years old.

The shelf company should not have an EIN. The EIN is freely obtained by the IRS with an online application that takes five minutes.

Don't pay more than you have to.

Make certain that the company was always in good standing, and it was never dissolved.

unused and pure shelf company