Shelf Company Business Tips

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Establish compliance with all state and local regulations.

  • Financial Institutions

    Banks and financial institutions will first consider your company’s application, for funding, when there’s complete compliance. That means the shelf company is filed in the state in which you live. They also seek to verify the company has filed the applicable business licenses.

  • Necessary Filings

    Once the necessary filings are confirmed, and the company is at least three years old, then the application is considered for funding.

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Shelf Company Tips On Building Corporate Credit

Secretary of State

Your name should be listed on Secretary of State as Director, President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Name of Persons

Those positions must reflect the name of the persons representing the company. Likewise, if you were the bank considering an application, you would also want to know the people behind the company.

Filed Company

These disclosures are necessary in every state that the company is filed. For example, a Montana company filed in California must reflect the principals of the company in both states.

Start applying for small lines of credit with key vendors.

  • Apply for small lines of unsecured credit with Lowes, Home Depot, Staples, OfficeMax, Equipment Leasing, and other providers related to your business.

  • Pay the line of credit early and in full.

  • Pay the balance off early every month.

  • The vendor will report your payment history to DNB.

    DNB will assign aDUNS

  • Number, and give you a score called PAYDEX. That PAYDEX score is determined by your payment history. Paying obligations off early

Shelf Company Business Tips-shelfcompanyinfo