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Virtual office companies provide a commercial mailing address. Once too many companies share the same address, banks tend to feel nervous about that address. It happens at the point that there are numerous failures in loan payments over a number of companies that used the same address. They flag the address and increase scrutiny of any business that shares that address.

How do I know if the virtual address if flagged?

Expect every virtual address and mail drop to be flagged by the banks.

If I can't use a virtual office address to apply for corporate credit, what am I to do?

Make a list of everyone with whom you do business. Consider your auto mechanic, dry cleaner, insurance agent, real estate agent, etc. Tell them that you’re starting a new business and you’re looking for a commercial address. Offer to pay them $50 a month to receive mail at their business address and that it’s no trouble for them. You’ll pick up the mail twice a week. Most people say “Yes.”

A home address won’t serve as well as a commercial address. Banks aren’t excited about lending money to a home based business; despite what the commercials present. The banks like a commercial address that’s not a virtual office.

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Do they prefer a home based business to a virtual office?

That’s hit or miss. We don’t have a definitive answer.

office address

Do you offer a
virtual office address?

Yes, we provide virtual office services in Wyoming. We don’t know if our virtual office address in Wyoming is flagged or not. If you’re seeking to build corporate credit, don’t use any virtual office address; even if it’s our address in Wyoming.

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What about the phone number? Can I use a virtual phone number I obtained through Skype or other service?

The key is whether the phone number is permitted to be verified as a physical line. Banks haven’t caught up to 2012. They remain committed to brick-and-mortar type models of business, and hesitant to lend money if the phone number is virtual. They prefer phone numbers that are registered with 411 information, and all of those lines are physical phone lines. A virtual phone line cannot be registered with 411, and not respected as a legitimate phone line. Whether a virtual line work, such as VOIP, is immaterial to the banks and DNB. They only respect what they can see and touch. If they can’t verify it, it doesn’t exist to them. As a result, I suggest you focus on obtaining a physical telephone line.

What about the convenience of a cell phone with a physical phone line?

This is not a problem. You are able to forward calls from a physical phone line to an answering service or your cell phone.