Wyoming Shelf Companies And New Filings

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A new Wyoming LLC is $400

Whether you’re acquiring an aged Wyoming company or filing a new one, it includes an asset protection safety net not offered by our competitors.  Our operating agreement is state of the art with a focus on asset protection.

Wyoming Company-shelfcompanyinfo
Wyoming Company-shelfcompanyinfo

Whether the company is aged or new, Wyoming offers the following advantages:

History:  Wyoming Invented the LLC in 1977 and the company statute has been updated and amended for modern applications and enhanced asset protection in 2010, 2017, and 2020.

Members and Managers of the Wyoming LLC are protected from lawsuits.  So are officers and stockholders of a Wyoming corporation.

  • Great respect for property rights.

  • Traditional American values to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • No real hassles:

  • No income tax.

  • No franchise tax.

  • No gross receipts tax.

  • No business tax.

  • No per-capita tax.

  • No personal income tax.

  • No Corporate income tax.

  • No minimum capitalization.

  • No required business licensing and hassling regulations.

  • No reporting of the stockholders to the state. This information is not collected or shared.

  • Stock may be exchanged for any form of capital, service, or anything else of value.

  • Meetings may be held anywhere in the world.

  • Minimal formalities. The corporate veil holds strong even if you forget to handle formalities.

  • Minors can be officers.

  • Officers may be anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • Wyoming permits minors to serve as corporate officers.

  • A corporation from another state may be continued in Wyoming as if it was there the entire time. They call this a continuance.  The incorporation date is preserved from the jurisdiction from which it was created.

  • The best asset protection is afforded in Wyoming, where even a single-member LLC protects a member’s interest through a charging order. We recommend at least two members if the Wyoming LLC will do business in another state.

  • The Wyoming company works with estate planning arrangements designed by your attorney, trusts, and costs less.

  • In Wyoming, the LLC charging order is the exclusive remedy to any creditor.

  • Additional remedies against a member’s LLC interest is not available; such as foreclosure of a member’s LLC interest, or a “court order for directions, accounts, and inquiries.” In comparison, Nevada is a mess whereby (NV) gives a creditor rights of an assignee. This is horrible in NV.  Delaware also provides for a lien on the debtor’s LLC interest.  Such an assignment to creditor or lien isn’t permitted in Wyoming.

Wyoming Company-shelfcompanyinfo

Wyoming is a great jurisdiction for real estate holdings, online businesses, asset protection, crypto, the oil & gas industry, holding property, and other applications.  Running a Wyoming company from a virtual office provides flexibility and choice of jurisdiction.

Wyoming LLC’s offer privacy from the public record so you don’t need a nominee officer.  You maintain control of the LLC, the bank and the IRS knows of your connection to the company, but the public doesn’t.  For the Wyoming LLC, the state doesn’t require that the manager or the members be listed on the public record.

Anyone can file or own a Wyoming LLC, from anywhere in the world friendly to US interests.

The Wyoming annual state report is $62.

Nevada’s annual reporting

Nevada’s annual reporting involves a business license at $500 annually and an annual reporting of the officers $125.  Nevada also requires a tax ID number and your personal guarantee on that license.

In Wyoming, the LLC members and the manager are not reported to the State of Wyoming.  Privacy is available from the public record.

If you’re going to run the company from Wyoming and to use a virtual office, you should include the following two statements in your company website terms of use, and on your sales invoices and other documentation:

  1. All sales are approved in Wyoming.
  2. All disputes are handled in Wyoming.

If you live in California or do business there, then you understand the problems afforded involving California LLCs.

Wyoming Company-shelfcompanyinfo

Wyoming Shelf Companies And New Filings

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